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Shahid Ali Chit Sazian

Shahid Ali Chit Sazian

He was just a one year old baby when Imam Khomeini started his movemnet in 1342 (1964). After 23 years when he was entered the army as the military service he got martyred. Whe he got martyred he was the security commander and operations commander of 32th Army of “Ansarol-Hossein(pubuh) of IRCG. What you are reading is just a corner of his life. May our soul remember him.

Being with Ali ChitSazan the martyr the commander of 32th army (Hamedan guys) from the war areas we were getting to the city by a Toyota pickyp truck . It was winter and the weather was very cold as we say in proverb “It was breaking the bones”. Inbetween the road we saw a Kurdish man with his wife and their child and they stood in beside of the road. Ali stopped the car and asked them “where do you want to go?” that man said : ” We are going to Kermanshah” , Ali said : ” Can you drive the car? , that man said “Yes, I can”. I and the kurdish man were in wonder what’s happening. Ali stopped the pickup and asked me to get to the backside of the car and asked the kurdish man to drive the car because he wanted him and his family to be safe from the cold weather. In the back side of the car we faced many troubles against cold weather. When I got angry and asked him why he trusted them? do you know him ? he answered me “Yes, he is one of those hut-living people who Imam said they are more important than those who live in Palaces.

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