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Boycotting Rouhani speech a mistake: Israeli minister


Israel’s Finance Minister Yair Lapid has criticized the Israeli delegation for walking out of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s speech at the UN General Assembly as a mistake.


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Google disables Iranian Press TV Youtube account


Google has prevented Press TV from accessing its Youtube page since Thursday, causing a large number of viewers and subscribers to contact the channel to find out what has happened.

"We have not been able to upload any new videos since early Thursday," said Press TV newsroom director, Hamid Reza Emadi, adding that Google has disabled the channel's account without giving any explanation.

"Viewers keep emailing Press TV asking why the page is not being updated," he said.

Emadi said Press TV "has yet to find out whether its Youtube account was blocked on political grounds or there were technical issues that could be resolved and the channel could get back on Youtube very soon."

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one question

And when it is said to them, "Come to what Allah has revealed and to the Messenger," they say, "Sufficient for us is that upon which we found our fathers." Even though their fathers knew nothing, nor were they guided?
Holy Quran (5:104)
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Iraqi Shias, Sunnis hold unity prayers


Thousands of Iraqis have held unity prayers across the nation to show solidarity against attempts to push the country into sectarian strife.

The joint Shia-Sunni Friday Prayers came against the backdrop of growing anger countrywide over what Iraqi authorities, including Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, describe as attempts to sow sectarian strife. 

On May 19, Maliki called on Iraqis to hold joint prayers every Friday in a bid to reduce violence after a series of terrorist attacks on Shia and Sunni holy sites across Iraq killed scores of people. 

“Those who target mosques are enemies of Sunnis and Shias alike, and are planning to ignite (sectarian) strife,” Maliki said in a statement on Sunday.

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